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Ernst’s violin case

Paganini had a red leather violin case with his name in gold letters on the lid. Ernst had a similar case – although this time in green leather – made for his Stradivarius. Madam Ernst refers to this case in her poem ‘Ernst’s Violin’ – ‘You who were his living lyre, / Now you are… Read more »

Madam Beaumarié’s autograph album

The Heine Institute in Dusseldorf recently acquired an amazingly rich C19th autograph book. This belonged to a ‘Madam C.Beaumarié’ and contains sometimes lengthy m/s’s by Paganini, Berlioz, Liszt, Ernst and many others. Ernst’s contribution is a complete copy of the Elegy in his own hand – it may well be the original manuscript. There has… Read more »

Did Ernst perform Harold in August 1853?

The Dutch musicologist Pepijn van Doesburg has found some public announcements of Berlioz’s two concerts in Frankfurt on 24 and 29  August 1853 which reveal that the soloist in Berlioz’s Harold in Italy was not  Ernst, as all the records have previously suggested, but a fellow named Posch, possibly a local viola player of surpassing… Read more »