Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst; oil on canvasWelcome to the only site dedicated to the virtuoso violinist and composer. The site aims to increase international awareness of Ernst, his context, and his music, and this aim can be broken down into three main sub-objectives:

1)     To make lovers of Ernst’s music, performers and researchers aware of other people interested in the field and the particular nature of their interest.

2)     To act as a point of coordination and communication for Ernst research and performance.

3)     To be a place where new information, sources, and academic work about Ernst can be posted.

You’ve found the site’s first two sections, but there are six others:

Notes and News keeps readers up to date with new information, performances, books, articles, sheet music, recordings, films and other Ernst-related items.

New Research is a library of short academic articles investigating new angles on Ernst’s career and music.

Sources contains scans or copies of newly discovered primary sources about Ernst, including newspaper articles, sections from memoirs, reviews and so forth.

People lists performers and researchers interested in Ernst. Each name is followed by a brief biography, a list of specific interests, and contact details.

Links contains weblinks to books, CDs, DVDs, magazine articles and other items of interest.

Questions is the space where readers can draw on the expertise of the site’s readership, and post and answer questions.

Comments can be added at the end of each section, but posts for the first five sections should be emailed to mark.rowe@uea.ac.uk; readers can ask and answer in the Questions section directly, but the editor retains the right to remove old or inappropriate material.

The site makes no claims to being hi-tech at the moment, but if it proves to be useful its scope, power, and capacity to entertain will be enhanced.