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Does anyone know the whereabouts of the m/s of Ernst’s string quartet in A major dedicated to J.W.Davison? It was performed in June 1864 at the St James’s Hall in London, and received two further performances in Paris later in the year [HWE:256-61]. The main themes from the work – taken from the analytical programme to the St James’s Hall premiere – are given in HWE:276-81.

Also missing are:

  • The m/s to the string quartet in C, dedicated to Joachim. No public performances are known, but, in a letter dated 11/4/1864, Ernst says that the scherzo is complete and the first movement almost complete. [HWE:249]
  • The two grand cadenzas to the Beethoven violin concerto which caused such amazement when Ernst first performed the work in London in 1851.
  • A fantasy on Irish airs performed in Dublin in 1844.
  • A cadenza to Mayerseder’s Variations in E op.45, and possibly cadenzas to Sphor’s 8th Concerto and the Mendelssohn violin concerto, although it is not clear whether these works were ever written down.

Ernst’s m/s’s – including m/s’s of the quartets, Polyphonic Studies, and Beethoven cadenzas – were left to his wife on the violinist’s death. [HWE:269] She exhibited some of these in Paris in the mid 1870s and in Vienna in 1893 but, so far as I know, no trace of them has been seen since. This makes establishing the time and place of Amélie Ernst’s death all the more important.

Does anyone have information about any of these lost works? (Mark Rowe, 30/10/2013)

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Asked on February 11, 2014 12:22 am