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Ernst works found

Jon Frohnen [see People] has located copies of the following pieces classified as ‘no copy found’ in HWE’s list of works: Souvenir de l’Opera La Juive de F.Halvéy by Ernst and Osborne. (No.1, [HWE:287])This has now been recorded on Ernst: Complete Works by Sherban Lupu and Ian Hobson, Toccata Classics, Vol.3 Souvenir du Pré aux… Read more »

Ernst’s published and unpublished works: some corrections

Some aspects of Ernst’s published works have become clearer since 2008: I originally speculated that No.10, [HWE:288] (the song Lebet wohl) and No.13 (the song Lewewohl) were one and the same work which should be called Lebewohl. I was right to say they are the same work but wrong to say that its correct title… Read more »

Unknown Ernst pieces discovered

Three new Ernst pieces have been discovered since 2008. I found a photocopied manuscript copy of three waltzes for solo piano in the Janacek Institute in Brno. Numbers two and three are the two posthumously published waltzes in Ab and Db, but the first is a previously unknown and unpublished short waltz in A major…. Read more »

Ernst photograph?

The Brahms Institute in Lübeck has a photograph which it catalogues as being of Ernst (NO. 30750). In some ways it resembles Ernst (the hair-style and slim figure) but I don’t think it’s actually of him, and the hunting whip and posture are most uncharacteristic. Decide for yourself here: Click on the home page,… Read more »

Ernst’s living descendants

In the final paragraph of HWE I said I thought it unlikely that, after the Holocaust, Ernst had any living relatives. I’ve discovered I was wrong twice over. First, Jan Pecka traced a descendant called Henriette Shattuck, whom he heard was living in Rue L’Andrône des Remparts, Boulbon, France. Madam Shattuck said she knew only… Read more »

Ernst’s nieces?

While on the topic of Ernst’s descendants, the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, 6th June 1895, p.10, contains an interesting article about two musicians described as Ernst’s nieces – the violinist and harpist Marianne and Clara Eissler (born in 1865 and 1868 respectively). Their father, Hermann Eissler, was a professor of science at the… Read more »

Dr Roth

When writing HWE, I was unable to discover anything much about Ernst’s friend Dr Roth – the dedicatee of the Pensées fugitives, his co-conspirator in a practical joke against Anton Schindler, and the librettist of one of Ernst’s songs – beyond the fact he was a homeopathic doctor. I’ve now discovered that he was David-Didier… Read more »

Madam Beaumarié’s autograph album

The Heine Institute in Dusseldorf recently acquired an amazingly rich C19th autograph book. This belonged to a ‘Madam C.Beaumarié’ and contains sometimes lengthy m/s’s by Paganini, Berlioz, Liszt, Ernst and many others. Ernst’s contribution is a complete copy of the Elegy in his own hand – it may well be the original manuscript. There has… Read more »