Ernst’s published and unpublished works: some corrections

Some aspects of Ernst’s published works have become clearer since 2008:

I originally speculated that No.10, [HWE:288] (the song Lebet wohl) and No.13 (the song Lewewohl) were one and the same work which should be called Lebewohl. I was right to say they are the same work but wrong to say that its correct title was Lebewohl; the published edition shows that Lebet wohl is the right title.

I have not yet managed to see a copy of No.12, [HWE:288], but this Valse sentimentale is more than likely to be one of the two posthumously published waltzes listed as No.16, p.289, probably the one in Db.

An unpublished Ernst letter, found in the Janacek Institute in Brno, makes clear that the three collaborations with Schunke were commissioned as a set by Maurice Schlesinger in 1834, and were written just before the Thème Allemand Varié op.9. In the same letter, Ernst reveals something about his own compositional processes by saying that, although his op.9 is nearly finished, he has not yet written out the solo (‘my own’) part.

One or two corrections to the list of Ernst’s unpublished works ([HWE:289]) are also in order.

Nos. 5 and 6, the Valse non dansante and the Moderato from Fanny Hürenwadel’s album also turn out to be versions of the posthumously published Db waltz (published works No.16, [HWE:289])

No. 7, the song Glücklicher Wahn, I’ve discovered is not a song by Ernst at all (although the library catalogue makes it look as if it’s one of his works).


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