There are a growing number of Ernst recordings, editions, books, archives, articles, lectures and concerts. This section gives links to some of the most important.

Follow this link for Jeremy Nicholas’s splendid essay-review of Toccata’s Complete Ernst volume 1 and HWE. It appeared in the Gramophone Online.

The RISM-OPAC [Répertoire des Sources Musicales] site has 32 entries for Ernst, and contains records of many interesting autographs including at least one early version of the second Polyphonic Etude and a little character piece for piano written for Clara Schumann. The following link will allow you to explore the site:

Jan Pecka’s book (in Czech), Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst: Paganini z Brna [Paganini from Brno] (Brno: Archiv mesta Brna, 2007) can be bought from this bookseller:

M.W.Rowe’s Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst: Virtuoso Violinist (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008) can be purchased direct from the publisher at a 10% discount here. The site also allows you to view the Table of Contents, Introduction and Index:

The sheet music and scores for the vast majority of Ernst’s works can be found here. It is worth noting, however, that the piece called ‘La prière’ is not by the Moravian master but probably by a violinist called Henri Ernst who was active in Boston in the 1880s:,_Heinrich_Wilhelm

toccata_3+4 Toccata 1 + 2The links for the recording of Ernst’s complete works – largely performed by Sherban Lupu and Ian Hobson – being issued by Toccata Classics can be found here. Volume 4 has been released; volume 5 has just been recorded:

The site gives you audio samples of the music and also full access to the extensive booklet text which accompanies each CD.

Most of the current recordings of Ernst’s work can be found on this site. Again, there are quite a few works not by HWE (1812-65) but these are fairly obvious:

The Hector Berlioz Website ( contains a fabulous collection of Ernst-related documents, including all Berlioz’s reviews of the violinist. In the collection as a whole, there are – at the moment – 76 references to Ernst.

The Beethoven Haus in Bonn has an 1850 copy of Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament copied out in the hands of H.W.Ernst and the violinist Wilhelm Speyer (1790-1878). It can be found here: Ernst bought the document from Liszt in 1843, and then gave it as a gift to Jenny Lind and her husband Otto Goldschmidt in 1855.

Tobias Wilczkowksi has written two very useful pieces of work on Ernst’s contribution to violin technique. The first, ‘Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst: En stor violinist i skuggan av Paganini (A great Violinist in the Shadow of Paganini)’, is in Swedish (but Google Translate is a great resource) and can be found here:

The second, ‘Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst and his Contributions to the Development of Left-hand Pizzicato and Harmonics’, is in English and can be found here: