Madam Beaumarié’s autograph album

The Heine Institute in Dusseldorf recently acquired an amazingly rich C19th autograph book. This belonged to a ‘Madam C.Beaumarié’ and contains sometimes lengthy m/s’s by Paganini, Berlioz, Liszt, Ernst and many others. Ernst’s contribution is a complete copy of the Elegy in his own hand – it may well be the original manuscript.

There has naturally been much discussion about who Madam Beaumarié was, but an article in last year’s Heine Jahrbuch now seems to have resolved the matter:

Francis Maillard: ‘Madame C. Beaumarié: das Album, das Reisetagebuch und der Zufall’, Heine-Jahruch 51 (2012), pp. 86-98.

The author, whose family is related to Madame Beaumarié’s, is in possession of two travelogues by (and for) her, and argues convincingly that she is Victoire Clara Chevallier (1811-1880), married to Alcide-Georges Beaumarié (1799-1870), both from Orleáns.

A booklet about Madam Beaumarié’s album can be bought here:

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